Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Monday (it'll be allright)

It was a stay at home day today. Best way NOT to spend money, except for internet shopping, of course. I didn't buy anything today so it must have been a good day! Don't get me wrong, I do have money in the account. However, it's earmarked for future spending. I can't complain, in 14 years of marriage I don't think I've ever been prepared for the next month, bill wise. Seems like we always were in a crisis mode trying to figure out how to pay for everything! This year has really hit me that for once we are going forward instead of backwards. All due to a little saying "Personal Finance is 80% behavior, and 20% knowledge". Mmmm--I've had the knowledge for years, guess what changed!?!
Dinner ended up being spaghetti instead of beans. Which is just as well, considering I had an extra at dinner. I probably wouldn't have had enough for tomorrow night. Plus, my friend invited our family over on Wednesday for a birthday dinner, so I don't have to fix anything that night. WooHoo!
Shelby made a new friend today, actually we've known them since we moved in, but really just waved at them for the past 4 years. Today her and her mom came to the door looking for a playmate (it's spring break here). I've been praying for a friend for her since all we have are boys around here:) They both had a great time--the neighbor girl is an only child and has all the good toys over there, apparently. Another date was set to play before the week is out...

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Bert's birthday dinner (cube steak) took almost 1/3rd of my grocery budget for the week. I think that meal will go into my very rare meals to make category! I did not plan well for him being home for the weekend. My cooking changes when he's home since there are some meals I make that are cheap that he doesn't prefer. I guess I'm gonna have to re-train him to like certain foods.
So, this morning I headed to Publix with my $22. I bought everything I will need to make it til Thursday.
Lunch-Pocket pies (thanks ma for the recipe) made from leftovers. The kids loved 'em.
Dinner-mini burgers, potato salad & cantalope
Lunch-grilled cheese/cantalope
Dinner-beans & cornbread
lunch-biscuits and gravy
Not very exciting, but meals nevertheless. Plus, I only spent cash in hand)
Did you notice the ticker changed on the right side? I realized that in order to purchase our property, I needed to get these last little bills over with. I am excited that we are almost finished with Sallie. My goal is by mid-summer:) I think having beans and cornbread a couple of days are worth paying it off early!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday runnin'

Today we went to Sanford to meet Mom, Papa and Sara (where were you Kevin?) for lunch. Had our own corner, I think they thought we might be kinda noisy. We were overtaken when they brought the baseball team into our section towards the end of our dinner. Finally, we're not the loudest!!!
After we left them to go our separate ways, we went home and Bert and Garry assembled the basketball hoop that Grandma sent (Bert's words were very colorful while assembling, and he promises thank Grandma himself) while Shelby and I went shopping for dinner. We left Aidan sleeping peacefully. I try to avoid taking Aidan with me when I can, since the moment we walk into any store he immediately starts screaming. It's so much fun!!
Tonight all are in their jammies are gonna curl up and watch Pinocchio, thanks to Gma and Papa (this one makes ALL happy). Tomorrow we might head to church depending on how the lil' little feels tomorrow.
This has been Bert's first whole weekend off in a long time (except for trips). We have really enjoyed having him home. I'm sure he might rather be at work where he has some control, lol, but I likes him here:)
By the way, if anyone has any good, CHEAP soup recipes, send 'em over! I spent most of my grocery money already, and it's only Saturday! I bought enough for tomorrow, but after that it's probably beans until shopping day (Thurs). Let's see just how far 20 bucks gets us, shall we?!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Bertday!

Happy Bertday to Bert, Happy Bertday to Bert! Sure has been fun knowing you these past 15 years:) I love ya!

Who's the loudest?

Aidan has not been feeling well, and last night he slept with me. It's a well known fact that Bert snores, and loud. When Aidan woke up this morning, I laid still in an effort not let him know I was awake, therefore lying in bed longer (you know what I'm talkin' about!). However, it was very hard not to laugh at Aidan. He thought daddy was playing a game with him. For every time Bert snored, Aidan growled in response!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Let me say up front, I'm not a huge purse girl. I would rather spend my money on something fun to do. Besides, I refuse to buy an expensive purse until I can keep more than it costs in my wallet at all times:) Today, however, I was in the mood for a new purse. The one I'm currently using, I'm sure the owner would like it back (don't leave anything in the van---fair game, ya know) and I really just wanted something different. Since I only have one other purse in my closet (GASP!) I decided to do a little shopping. But, being that my play money for the week has to take Bert out for his B-day dinner (of course I'm sure he doesn't want Chick-fil-a) I knew that my funds were going to be pretty low. So, I went recycling...doesn't that sound better than the thrift store?!? See my find? I think it's cute, doesn't collapse when I open it, holds 1 (one) diaper(that's all we need these days), and all my other necessities. Since I was splurging, I bought another wallet to replace one I HATE---funny enough it is identical to my previous before this wallet; apparently I really liked it alot. Since I only spent about $8.50 for both, I can still take my hunny out to eat to a place that does NOT have plastic silverware:)
PS-Sis, you can have your purse back now!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At home

We've been home all day save for about an hour out to bring Bert lunch. I had been waiting (rather impatiently) for Garry and Shelby to finish their schoolwork, so I could play Zelda (Wii). So, this afternoon after all the work was over, we (I mean me) played..and played. By 5pm I had 7 voices (don't forget the neigborhood kids) telling me where to go. By 6, I realized I hadn't even thought about dinner and Aidan was telling me in his special way that he was very hungry! Well, tonight we had pizza. I don't think I've ordered a pizza out in quite a while-I should check this blog to find out:) Anyway, 3 pizzas are NOT enough anymore. I guess I'm going to have to go up. However, I do know that as long as there is food out, boys will eat. I did make powdered sugar tortillas for dessert and hopefully filled at least half a leg. It was a good day:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pajama Party

Our local library has some fun programs for the kids. This week it was a pj party. Shelby was very excited. Bryce, as always, just went along for the ride:) Decked out in the jammies, they both had a great time listening to stories, playing games, and making fun crafts. Downtown library rocks!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A sure sign...

the kids are playing too much Wii. I woke up this morning to find Shelby in my bed. She was asleep but was shaking rather violently. I reached my hand over to her to find her hands clenched together and was shaking them up and down (motion similar to shaking a soda can). She then woke up and informed me she had been dreaming she was playing Mario Party 8!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Garry's Big Day

Garry is now officially 12. (notice his shirt Gma Frances brought over). It was a somewhat quiet day. We played video games and in the eve, our friends came over and had dinner. Gma Frances came by for dessert. He got lots of gift certificates toward Wii stuff, and he has enjoyed picking out the next "cool" item for his toy. Today we're heading to Wal-mart to spend a little more. Thank goodness these are little toys:) Our house explodes come the little one's bdays:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kid Pics

The kids had the camera-here are a couple of pics:)

Miss Liberty

Happy Birthday!

It's Garry's birthday!!! Today he is 12 years old. He's already been up this morning, and I fed him breakfast in bed (he's always after me to do that!) so it was Capt Crunch cereal on the bed table for him. He's back in bed now, waiting for dad to get up so he can open his presents. A special thanks goes out to Jim for his love of toys...please watch what you buy in the future, will ya?!? Thank goodness the "toy" writing pen that records what one writes and passes it on to one's computer that Uncle Jim showed off this past time DID have a kids ( -less expensive) model. And of course my gadget happy son would want one. Garry is now the proud owner of a FlyPen.
We went Sunday to Aquatica for the afternoon. Him and Dad rode the big rides, and me and the little ones played in the kids zone. We also spent a good hour in the Roa Rapids, a faster moving lazy river, life jackets, no floats. Aidan was fine until water showered us in the face (about every 5 min of the ride). We had a great time, except that mom(ME) forgot to reapply the sunblock after lunch and we all came home a little sunburned:(
Today we are having his favorite meal of meatloaf, sweet potatoes and cornbread. Then comes the cake (chocolate, of course!) and icecream. We'll probably play some Wii--thanks to the Holcomb group, we now have several new games to play.
If you get a chance, drop a comment to Garry. He'll get a kick out of it--oh, yeah. Happy St. Paddy's Day!
On the way to Aquatica!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Makin' money

Garry is always on the lookout for some extra cash. Currently he's saving up for an i-phone (next year). So I offered to pay him, Shelby and a buddy if they would rake the yard. Shelby has recently started getting an allowance and is saving up also for a DS game. Watch out, both will take your change and ask for more! Anyway, one of the boys got the ingenious idea to use the blower. An hr later I went out there and although there was a lot of blowing going on, most of the leaves were still in their original positions. As the sun was making it's way to the other side of the world, I reminded them that they would not get paid unless the job was done today. In the end, the blower got ditched, and they finished in time (under the glow of the porch light). The three happily pocketed their cash, although Shelby was very upset that the boys got 5 and she only got 2--we had agreed upon this before, but seeing that she was almost to her goal of $10 made her much happier. Oh, yeah, in spite of the 9 bags they filled the yard is full again. The neighbors must be blowing theirs over:)
Kyle and Garry working hard!

Shelby's baggin' them up (1 leaf at a time!)

My Living Room

I've had this poster art that I'd bought not long after we moved in---we've been here 4 years!. I even bought the mat and frame, but when I bought the frame online, I neglected to push the button for the plexiglass. So, when it came in, I was unable to put it up. I checked it out glass prices at Home Depot and because of it's odd size (33x33") so it ended up being more expensive than the frame, mat and poster together! Being the dumb tightwad I sometimes get (I have no problem spending same amount on dinner out!) that picture has been sitting in my closet, collecting dust. Fast forward to last night. I had a mini moment and wanted things clean and neat (oh, yeah, I have to do it myself---never mind!) Our dining room wall is getting repainted this weekend so the clock that has been sitting on the mantel will go up in the dining room and my mantel will be empty. I dragged out the picture again, really wanting to use it, but I had exactly $5 in pocket until next week. So after racking my brain, this is what I came up with:)
Here's the print before I began surgery:)
After I cut it apart

Painting my Dollar tree frames (that I already had)
Cut out-painted and up on wall

The finished result
By the way, no money came out of pocket for this project, I had everything I needed. I did use 2 of my $5 for icecream for the kids from Mc D's:)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We're home!

As I survey the debris removed from the van, I am amazed that we managed to fit all this stuff plus 9 people in the van:) Been home for 3 days and still the living room looks like a bomb went off! Our trip went great. Along the way we saw almost everyone in the family save for Connie and Kirk. They were just too far out the loop (this time!). Looking back, I learned some interesting tidbits. I thought I would share them with you.

1. California barking spiders are EVERYWHERE!

2. The Alamo is not a dinky little building between a McDonald's and big buildings downtown (sorry, Kevin). It was a very interesting 4.2 acres of history.

3. No matter how much time we spent there, or the many books we read on the subject, we still can't remember what happened at the Alamo (pop quiz on the way home showed we didn't learn very much!)
4. It costs $8 to be properly serenaded these days.

5. Literal Little did not appreciate nor enjoy Gma's jokes (the jokes were corny, but it was a long ride home).
6. Bryce apparently has been watching Dirty Dancing judging by the way he danced at the wedding. Maybe we can all pick up some pointers!
7. 3,000 miles later and no one was accidentally pushed out of the van (we did consider Fedex'n one home)

A special thank you goes out to Aunt Tanny and Aunt Carol for the car riding goodies.
We still have some goodies left from Aunt Tanny's bags packed away for another trip (Shelby said we had to come see you next year, so watch out!)
In her buggy glasses from Aunt Tanny

Cutting the cake (he was nice to her)
Their adopted kids on the Riverwalk (Bryce LOVES Kim!)
We've just been seranaded:)

Bert's considering flying the rest of the way home!

Happy 13th to Em and Jake

It's a happy boy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

14000 pedometer steps and on....

Sara's phone has a pedometer and apparently it's been counting the bumps along I-10 (must be the worst road in America!) and yesterday it registered 14,000, and today, 6,000. Mind you she did sit in the back of the short bus:) We've made a pit stop at Kim and David's for the night. Tomorrow we are off to Carol and Al's, and then Wednesday we are heading into Jim's to celebrate the twins birthday (SUPRISE!) Then I guess it's home again. This has been a great trip, but I will welcome Aidan's bed back upstairs. He's taken over every bed we've stayed in; thankfully most have been king size. -

No internet

Our house in New Braunfels had no internet. We're at our hotel in Lake Charles, La, heading home. Here are a couple of pics, hopefully I'll get a little more in the next day or two.....
"The Dome" home

Remember the Alamo He met us and still said "I do".....he must think because the live so far away, we won't be a problem----hee, hee!

It's gettin' buggy in here!