Sunday, March 31, 2013

South Florida Regionals

Lol, I just realized I forgot to post that WE
WON!!! Not just in the winning alliance competing with WHamO, but also the Chairman's Award, the highest honor given at the regionals. Also, one of our students won the Dean's Award. It was a very exciting event, one that sends us to World's in St Louis, to compete against all the winning teams from the regional events.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy 16th birthday!

Happy birthday Garry! Can't believe you are 16. Glad though, cause now you can drive the kids to their events and I can stay home and eat my bonbons:) Love you!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oink, oink, BOOM!

Sports are not Garry's style. When he was six, he told me "mom, do you know in football you fall down and get hurt?!". Since then, we have tried many sports, and he humors me by finishing the season, but has no desire to continue on. And aside from music lessons we haven't found anything that he really enjoys as an activity with other teens. Well, eureka! Or should I say...oink, oink, BOOM?
Our new obsession comes in the shape of a cute little pig flying thru the air on a rocket. The pig, Wilbur, is the mascot of a robot building club called Exploding Bacon. Participants of this don't just build a random robot, but a Frisbee flying robot to compete against other bots in a game played across the world. And this past weekend, we got to see the fruition of 63 teams from across the world in action at the Orlando First Robotics Competition (FRC). We proudly wore our pig ears, chanted the Wilbur's theme cheer (see above) and little pigs even painted their hair in club colors. Needless to say, we (big and little pigs alike) are hooked on this awesome event. So much so, that you will probably be seeing a lot of it over the next few years. And although Shelby isn't quite old enough yet, she has already counting down the days until she can compete.
If you get a moment, check out this event at FIRST. We have not only been wowed by the event itself, but also by the fantastic group of teens and mentors (college FIRST Alumni, parents and industry professionals) that worked together daily for six weeks; designing, prototyping and programming bot and the family friendly atmosphere that became our second home. So until next time, take it from me, PIGS DO FLY! We have seen it:)

Like our group and watch some of the matches from the Regional at : Facebook - Exploding Bacon 1902

Little pigs!

While we didn't win this time, we did win the Creativity Award  by Xerox!

At the beginning of our adventure...prototyping
Ready to cheer
Grandma and Papa joined us -Grandma and Grandpa Robinson did too...I  missed pic:(
Taking a break!
Shamelessly promoting! Exploding Bacon team 1902

WHam-O (we're on the blue side in the center) taking the court
WHam-O up close...
After we lost our last match...we lost something else as well!