Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Some weeks I have trouble figuring out what to post, but this week has been busy..enough for 3 or 4 posts! Our Valentine's day started yesterday with some good friends at the park after recorder class. Of course the kids needed something to pass out; yeah for the handy dandy computer which gave us so many choices, deciding which one to make was the hard part. In the end each made something different. A bouncy ball from Aidan, Star
Wars from Bryce and a cool iPod made from sweet tarts and Hershey's kisses from Shelby.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Children's museum of the Treasure Coast

Since this weekend was too rainy to play outside, Gage was gracious enough to take us to a favorite spot of his. This cute museum kept even the big kid (dad) amused. Under one roof a complete town and giant ship could be found. Shelby found 3 jobs to work at, Aidan just filled his shopping cart! Thank you Gage for sharing the fun!
Aidan is proud of the ONE CARROT in his cart
Woohoo! Something to take apart!
Is Garry checking out Sara or is he clearing out the register to fund his train?!
Little boys dreaming of the day when their Papa brings a firetruck home to them...
"Look at my bones!"
Shelby wearing one of her many hats
Look close! Big guy playing at the top of the boat