Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shelbyism #325

While getting ready to go roller skating I put Shelby's hair in ponytails, mentioning she would look cute with her hair blowing behind her.
Shelby replies: "if only a mirror could follow me around the rink as I skated!"

Thanks, hon...

For my birthday this year, my hunny bought me a netbook as the home laptop is usually in use for school. When he did this, he told my mom that I could "blog every day!" So, here I am, at moms, and she reminded me of my hunny's promise (hunny-gonna help me blog?). Well, I don't know if I can catch up on all that has happened around here, but I'll try:)
This week was one of 2 VBS's for Shelby and Bryce. We also took our neighbor's daughter, and another friends son JayJay (Bryce's backup when his favorite cousin isn't around). It was a cowboy theme, and the kids had a blast. Friday night was the big finale; they sang and signed to 5 songs they learned. Sorry I can't put up video (cord mia MIA in house) but know it was cute! One of the songs was about tumbleweeds, and it's obvious the boys knew not what tumbleweeds were, for when they sang the song they giggled as they sang "tumbleWii, tumbleWii's" (reference their favorite game system!)