Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday (yet again!)

Whoops....according to Jen, I forgot to finish my post. That was three weeks ago. Sorry, my bad. Since then we have celebrated another birthday! Garry turned a big one-four and Bert, well...he's a a bit older than that:)
Both were fairly quiet. If all 6 of us together can be considered quiet.
We spent a comical afternoon for Garry's birthday at the local putt-putt. Although chaotic (3 of our golfers preferred to play simultaneously), it was great fun. By about the 13th hole, Aidan designated himself the "official ball putter in the hole" guy. Totally technical term, of course. With help from dad he got all the balls in for the rest of us. However, the 18th hole was not a fun one as all the golf balls disappeared into golf ball heaven. There were a few tears and bemoaning over the lost balls, but quickly turned to smiles at the mention of food...cake and icecream! For Bert's we did nothing, but I think he preferred it that way. Oh, wait..I made him wash the van. OOPS. We did take him out for a steak dinner and the kids excitedly announced to the server about the birthday. Although Bert probably could have done without it, the kids enjoyed the entire restaurant stopping and singing exclusively to us. I do want to send a special thanks to Kevin and Sara for celebrating Bert's birthday on the boat--WITHOUT US! So not sorry you got sunburned. LOL!
Um...looks like dad is "helping"
Taking a much needed break on the 12th hole
Family love
Go Aidan!
Trying to teach Bryce how not to use club as a batHappy birthday!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Oh my gosh!!! Can you hear me screaming?! I am so excited! I was surfing (wasting time) online when I stumbled on the fact that I can now blog from my handy dandy phone!!! That by no means obligates me to post more often, but at least I have the option!!! Woohoo!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm a Disney Princess (5ker)

My favorite friend announced that she wanted her and I to participate in a 5k. I had kicked the idea around in the past, so I agreed to join her. We decided on the Disney Princess 5k (love all things Disney!) her choice, because of the medal bling at the end (turned out to be plastic from china bling, but she was still happy). So I loaded the Get Running app on my phone and headed out. I tried, I really did. However, by the 5th week I realized running was NOT for me. I know there are people that enjoy it, kudos to them. But me? I'd rather be biking...or lying on the couch eating my bonbons. I called her up and informed her I was not running-only walking (I think she was secretly happy).
Race day: we head down early to Epcot Saturday morning, revved up and ready. The race according to the info given was to be done in about 55 min or so; no problem for us-we had been walking on a regular basis and had plenty of spare time. Ha! A word to the wise, if you are in it for the time, do NOT go to Disney-unless you are running the half marathon (which is nuts!). We began in the rear of the line, as all the walkers do. There were so many people there it took us some time just to get up to the start line. From there it was a beautiful walk-meandering. The crowds were so thick that it was difficult move too fast without tripping over someone or a stroller. And to top it all off, Disney had Characters out for photo shots! So while we did not stop to meet and greet the characters, we did stop and take lots of pics. So what did I learn? That next time I will just pay the extra money (not that much more!) and actually spend the day at Disney. Same crowds, just next time I will actually be able to eat the french pastries in the World Showcase and not just smell them as we pass!
Really, the amount of pictures we took were ridiculous! Doesn't it look like we are just sightseeing?!?
The flower festival was in full bloom-the sculptures are awesome! See Mickey and Minnie in the background? Pluto is there too and his kite is caught in the tree.Almost finished! PS-can you see our far 1hr 2 min! HAHA!