Friday, July 16, 2010

I am an Auntie again! (or so I've heard!)

Dear newest niece or nephew,
I am so excited to hear of your arrival! You are coming into a great family, you will be well loved by all your cousins. And in spite of their failings to notify your favorite Aunt (just come visit, you will understand!) your mommy and daddy are great people and I know they will love you very much. We are praying for you every day, and cannot wait to bestow lots of kisses (sorry if you're a boy) and get the joy of baby shopping (Shelby's favorite color is purple and she likes to shop-which will be great if you are a girl), but no matter what know that you are loved even now.
So, grow healthy, and be ready-there are MANY of us-and we require a lot of amusement from you kids.
We love you, Aunt Kate, Uncle Bert and all the little people

Fun--ok, it's not

Yesterday I was rolling up the water hose so Garry could mow the grass, and I sprained my back. Poor Garry, I scared him when I fell to the ground and started crying. As he helped me it the house, I had to stop several times and reassure him that in spite of what it looked like, I was OK.
So, the rest of the eve (after hunny took me to doc to get some pain pills) was spent on the couch watching movies. Fun! And today-even though I can move around much better, will probably be much of the same, according to my loverly hunny (slave driver). I will say, he comes in pretty well in a pinch. I tried to help some around the house from my chair (not that easy, mind you) but he was very insistent he did NOT need my help, and of course he didn't:) So, I got to do what I do best; lay on the couch and eat my bonbons; actually I don't particularly care for bon-bons, but M&M's are yummy-try the pretzel ones! I guess Garry was right when he told the real estate lady visiting (several years ago when we had house on market) with a completely serious face - I'm pretty sure he was serious, that all I did was lay on the couch and he took care of the kids!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What to do with a broken crib?

Our last little people outgrew his crib-which is a good thing, since the crib was broken by jumping beans (kids). It's been sitting in our garage now for months, with my hunny asking when could we put in out in the trash. Knowing I could reinvent it, I would not let it out of my sight on trash day. Today he put up my favorite part of the recycling:) My closet is just one of the many things getting a facelift. And since we have done nothing to it except paint it, I'm excited as this is a colorful and fun start. And although it's hard to tell in the picture, it's hot pink (thanks, Shelby!). What better way to hang some purses and whatnot. Now all I need is an appropriate saying to go above, any ideas? Although, when looking for something to hang up, several purses were missing....Shelby????!!!!
Other ways I'm recycling the crib?Using the crib's circular rails for Papa's camp roasting sticks (compliments of Pack o' fun)
As the base of my console table (still in the makin')
ribbon organizer--only an idea in my head...wonder if I can get it out!