Friday, November 5, 2010

The boys and the dog

Being a good pet owner requires lots of treats and goodies for the dog (at least that's what my hunny tells me-I think I'm being bamboozled!). So, of course we picked up a box of treats along with various other dog items when we brought him home. Bryce and Aidan love to give him treats. The other morning I noticed that the half full box of treats was empty. I asked the boys if they had given Jazz treats. Bryce replied " I only gave him 3, Aidan gave him the rest!" No wonder Jazz follows Aidan around!


If you know me well, you understand I am not a dog person. I'm ok with them outside, but inside? Not really my cup of tea. My hunny, however grew up with them inside his entire life. Lately, there has been a dull roar in the house over wanting a pet. It could contribute to the oldest and dad volunteering at the local pet shelter? I dunno. Anyway, there is a large furry creature living now living in my home. How large you ask? A 7 yr old German Shepard that doesn't have to stretch much to see the counter tops. Yup, insane. However, for a dog, it's ok. He is well past those puppy habits, loves the kids, and he doesn't climb the stairs so we only have to keep up with him on the 1st floor. And although I have made it very clear, I'm pretty sure dog lips have touched mine-at least indirectly thru the kids (yuck!). The kids adore him, and my hunny? He is ecstatic. Meet Jazz---