Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Almost Christmas!

Ok, it's not like I just don't have anything to talk about (I ALWAYS have something to talk about!) it's just that we've been so busy! This past weekend my son competed in his first public speech (Go Garry), Saturday brought our annual Christmas party, thank goodness my good friend held it at her house this year, Sunday was my husband's Christmas party for the kids, and another friend who's husband works with mine decided that we might as well go see the parade downtown Sunday eve. And Monday found us at Universal Studios to see the Macy's parade. Whew...I'm tired and we still have 8 more days til Christmas! Still, even though we were very busy, we had fun at each and every event.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Give a big THANK YOU!

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Santa's Tree Forest

Well today was the day for that we went out to get our tree. I totally get the whole fake tree thing, easy set up, no needles or sap, and those pre-lit ones, wow! However, I still love that real tree. Pine needles and all. So, for the 2nd year, we headed up to Santa's Tree Forest in Eustis. (Target was our tree farm, previously). My husband, who probably would much rather be home watching tv, dutifully went with us to share in the experience. Ok, not share in the experience, actually doing all the work. We hopped on the tractor's trailer, and headed out into the back lot where we let the kids pick out their favorite. Then he and Garry sawed down said tree. It is a little trunk, it really doesn't take that long. I'm sure he always wonders how our family traditions end up him doing all the work, and the rest of us cheering him on. That's what he gets for marrying me, ha ha. We played in the haystack, and the kids rode the ponies. All in all a great day!