Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, the week is over, and the kids had a great time at VBS. I enjoyed it because they served dinner EVERY night! And, every night, it was good! We're sure to put it on our list for next year, that's for sure.
Tonight it was family night, so Aidan and I followed the kids from class to class. In typical one year old fashion, Aidan's attention span was very short. Thankfully each section for the kids were divided into about 15 min sections. One in particular, I thought would keep his attention. Boy, was I wrong! We walked into a class, where the puppet theater was set up. The first puppet, a girl; sang a cheerful little song, which Aidan liked. Then, as I'm looking around the room, Aidan lets out a horrible scream. It was a scream of terror, one I usually don't hear from the boy. I looked toward the puppets, and there are three florescent green puppets ready to start the show. Aidan screamed some more, so we removed ourselves from the room. So, if 30 years later, Aidan has an aversion to puppets, that's why! After that, all went well. The kids and I were sorry to see it end. (Now I have to cook!)
Next week is sure to be just as busy, as the kids are taking swim lessons. Hopefully by the end of the summer, Shelby and Bryce will be out there without the floaties. Still no camera, sorry!
GARRY, if you're out there, COME HOME! We miss you!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank you, Aunt Tanny!

Shelby got her fuzzy flipflops, and they fit perfect. She loves them! Watch for pics.....
Thank you!

On the go...

Here I am, at least for a moment. We are heading out to VBS in about 15 min so I thought I would give a little update. No pics, sorry. My camera is down at Mom's house, where I left it this weekend.
Last weekend we headed down south for Jen's graduation and baptism (more on that later). Sunday we headed back home to bring a very impatient dad his baby boy. I don't think Kevin let the boy go after he got him back. That's what you get for havin' a job, Kevin!
Garry is up in Waldo with his cousins. We don't hear from him unless we call him, so I guess he's having a good time?!
All well on the homefront, I have much to say, but later:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Underwear

So, last weekend as the kids and I were heading to Lowe's for their Saturday Kid's project, I spotted a community yard sale. We stopped, got out the stroller and cruised the neighborhood, just for fun. I found some bright orange shorts for Bryce from the Children's place. (one size too large, but he'll grow into them, right?) They matched his favorite shoes, so we got them.
Fast forward to today. I scheduled Garry's dentist appt for 8:30 this morning (nuts, I know!), figuring I could drop off Shelby and Bryce to their soccer camp and only have Aidan. But, they missed the first day due to being sick, so everyone came with me to the dentist office. Since it was so early, I thought I would wake them up just before we left, and once we got there and got Garry checked in, I would go out and dress the kids. So far, so good, right? Well, I got Shelby and Aidan dressed, no problem. For whatever reason, I picked up the orange shorts thinking that they might fit. It had a little belt around the top (which was really NOT a belt, I found out) in case they were a little big, I could tighten up for the day. Anyway, Bryce has gotten into this habit of usually wearing little boxers to bed, which means he doesn't wear any underwear. This would have been fine today, except that he wore regular pj's and of course still took off the undies. So here we are, my son freeballin', no belt to tighten, and the shorts just way-y-y to big. I racked my brain for what I might have to use to hold them up until I could get done with the dentist and back home. Wouldn't ya know our usually messy car was immaculate since I had had the interior shampooed just the day before. So after scrambling thru my purse (nothing of use) and figuring he would just have to hold them up (he's a showoff, so that wouldn't work), I remembered that the Children's Place clothing is usually made for growing boys. I looked inside the waistband, and voila! There it was, an elastic band with buttons to pull tighter for smaller waists. THANK YOU Children's are my favorite!!!!
We made it thru the denist with no mooning, and are home again. By the way.....he's still not wearing any:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I knew he wasn't ours:)

The joke has been I've always said that the only reason I knew Aidan was ours was that my Mother-in-law followed Aidan to the nursery and stayed with him until they brought him to our room. Otherwise I would say they switched kids on me. He didn't look like anybody I knew when he came out. He also has an incredible temper that gets him into a lot of trouble:) Plus, he has always spoke this language that none of us can understand. To this day (20 mo) he the most he says is "daddy", "mommy (when he's mad)", "Garry", and attempts to sing the Backpack Tree song (I suppose 34 hrs listening to song on the way to TX did that). Other than that, it's another language that I am sure is Asian. So we cracked up the other day when Shelby, bouncing down the sidewalk, says "ni hao" (manderine for hello) and Aidan pipes up with his own reply of ni hao. Proves my point completely. I've always wondered if I put him with someone who spoke that language would they be able to converse?? Or.... maybe they just watch too much Nick Jr?!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We now return you to our regular scheduled programming....

Ok, still here. Apparently it's been 1 year since I started blogging judging by the renewal of my domain name. I have been ignoring the renewal letter until yesterday when I discovered I couldn't go to the little people page!
Now that we are back up and running, let me give a little update. Seems that nothing is going on, however, my bank account shows differently (it always shows me where I've been!).
We went on a mystery shop last week. I was able to take the kids, and I brought along a friend and her son for reinforcement. We had a great time, but it was a long day. As we are heading home, I have a panic moment (really about 15 min worth) and realized that I left my notebook with all my remarks in the bathroom at the shop. As Tif and I are bemoaning what we are to do next, she reaches over and asks me what the little notebook sitting between us was for......sitting in plain sight, no less!
The kids are all well. The are gearing up for playtime with friends, field trips, camp, etc. Just when I think we will stay home for the day, something comes up, so off we go! We are trying to make use of every pool we come across. Now that Shelby, Bryce and Aidan are a bit bigger, I think I can manage Aquatica by myself (with Garry) this year. I can do most theme parks by myself, but it was just too difficult last year making sure no little heads were bobbing under water. I'm enjoying everyone getting bigger, although the thought of Garry being 15 when we head to Tanny's in 2012 freaks me out!
Off to fix breakfast, I hear the natives rising!