Monday, August 30, 2010

Latest sayings....

Shelby-"Aidan was chasing me and he lost his contraction (traction) and fell on me!"

Bryce- at 9:30 last night after I got the bead he stuck up his nose out-"Remember when I put the TicTac up my nose?" If he remembered, why did he do it again??!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

She's 7! (GOING ON 19!)

We've been counting down the days. Or at least Shelby has. As I'm digging thru my super duper gift bag of 75% off Target toys, I realize there is only one present for the Peanut. Then I remembered, she wanted to get her ears pierced. So, after a breakfast of banana nut pancakes and sausage (Shelby's request), we borrowed Gpa's truck and headed out to the mall. And because his truck only holds 5-we made two trips. Which worked out well as I went ahead and picked up gift certificates and picked out her earrings. At dinner I gave her a bag with info about her ear piercing on the first stop on our shopping trip. When I purchased the gift certificates I had left a note at each store that the sales clerk gave her when we left explaining the next stop on the shopping route. She was one happy girl!
Thanks Mom, for passing on the last minute-good idea-stay up all night to work on it-gene:)
My hunny graciously stayed up with me til 2 so I could finish my banner:) Dear Santa, I need a Cricut Cutter; my hands hurt from using kid scissors!
We had bonus visitors for breakfast.
Cousin Sara even sang Happy Birthday to her (several times!)A Barbie cake~unfortunately had to be baked twice. I forgot to add baking soda the first time and it was very rubbery!
I won't win any awards, but she was happy:)
A nutritious dinner in the mallDo you see her sparkly ears????Thanks to brothers, Build-a-Bear was on the shopping route!Meet the newest member of the family "Hello Kitty" (it's a dog)Final stop: The movie theater to see Despicable Me (go see it-it was great!) Back home to open more presents (thanks Gma) and eat cake!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Could you spare a couple of minutes?

After all, you are here. Must have LOTS of time to kill:) Anyway-if you have a moment and would like to check it out-it would be awesome!!
Surf on over to the Pepsi Good Idea and vote for our personal choice-TRC Ministries.
It's a family favorite and we would love to see them make one of the 2 who, if wins, will receive $$ to expand in what they do. In the past week, they have moved from 130 up to 74. We only have until the end of the month to move them up to the top. Take 2 seconds and vote-you can each day; and in doing so you can change someone's life for the better (come on-you don't want to feel guilty for not reaching out, now do you?!?) While you're at it, you have nine more votes for the day. Browse the site-make someone else's day too!
Ok-good job-you can pat yourself on the back for doing your good deed for the day. now on to the next...
I have a friend hosting her first giveaway at A Spiritual Thread Runs Through. It is a rather unusual giveaway-however, one that I think is pretty awesome. And although I've known her for several years, her new blog has opened a window into her life that I knew not before and I love to keep up on. Like the rest of you (hint, hint on those that are NOT updating regularly-you know who you are!) I love to peek into your windows without having to worry about the cops carting me off for being a Wee Willie Winkie:) So, you've already spent this much time aimlessly surfing, spend 5 more minutes and check her out-you might be pleasantly suprised.
Happy surfing!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to the first day of school

Well, not for us. We took a break in June and came back in July. However, some of our favorite friends had their first day today. In honor of that, we (instead of school!) made these fun back-to-school baskets. And thanks to Aidan-no kid got left behind (he insisted on one for Josh-I wasn't thinking; he did start a new preschool!). A quick trip to the Dollar Tree-and off we went. The blue sky quickly turned to gray; and of course it was raining cats and dogs as we headed over to deliver our goodies. Still, it was great fun-and we can't wait to do it again for the next round of friends heading back to school next week.
Oh, the joys of homeschool-yes! we are still in our pj's at noon:)
I have no idea why, but Aidan grossly protested his picture being taken for the basket-this was the best of the 6 I took-if I hadn't asked for a pose he would have been all over it! Bryce was happy-I must have caught him between smiles-

A special thanks to Aunt Tanny-your goodie box from our trip to TX lives on!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guess What I Am!

Sunday morning game time fun!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Park day (with Gage)

Camera broke-put it away. Came across it today so I thought I'd see what was on it. Among several hundred pics were some from a somewhat recent (is June recent?) trip to Gma's. After a picnic with Auntie Becky, we headed to the park/splash park/beach for some good 'ole fun in the sun:)

It's a Boy Party!

This week has been pretty laid back. Garry and Shelby are off to camp in Georgia (Shelby's first year!) so it's just been me and the boys. Several weeks ago when Bryce realized that both would be gone for the entire week, he got a little upset. We came up with a "boy party" idea which he has been excitedly counting down the days. Well, this morning was the last day before we head back up north, and I realized that today must be the BIG DAY! So, this morning we decorated and picked up Bryce's back up BFF-Jay Jay (TJ-wish you were here!). What else does a boy do at a boy party but play video games! I offered to set up a board game or something other-but Bryce just wanted to play the Wii. Yup, I probably ruined their little brains, but I let them play until they were tired of playing! And although Aidan and Gage were too little to play the games, they did enjoy the cupcakes!
No party is complete without decorations!Per Bryce: hot dogs, please!JayJay "this is the best boy party ever!"
(which is awesome until one realizes this was probably his first!)can you see their brains turning into mush?!?
Out of 12 cupcakes I think Aidan ate 5 (did I mention he also ate 3 hot dogs?)Blue icing...yummy!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Scouring the land of the blogs, I came across this cool little word site. Just enter some words, and voila- a cool printable page of your words. If you open into a new window (bottom left) you can customize by removing words, changing font, style and more. Here is one of my favorite scriptures: Psalm 112...