Friday, August 8, 2008

Quiet time

It's midnight here, and I should be heading to bed, really, I should. A small child will be up before I know it asking for breakfast, and another will want a bottle. So why am I still up?
Because it's quiet! I can watch a movie and actually hear it (Stardust is playing), type on the computer without little hands helping, and a multitude of other mommy stuff. I'm trying to do it all at the same time:) Don't get me wrong, I do love my kids, but there really is something wonderful about the quietness of the house at night. If I could just get away without sleeping at all, I could have the best of both worlds. However, I do realize that all I want is a couple of hours. Any more than that, I can't stand. I sure am not looking forward to the day when there will be no one bounding down the stairs, chasing each other and laughing. Hopefully, it will work out that my oldest will bring me a new one by the time the youngest leaves (yikes!) home. It seems like so far away, yet I know that it's right around the corner.