Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! This was the first year my hunny has been home for New Years in about 8 yrs. Not wanting to go out, we decided to have a little in-house party. To make it fun (and hopefully less asking on when it will be midnight) I put together our countdown bags. Starting at 8pm the kids were able to open one bag. I included some things we had around the house and a couple of items from the dollar store. That way each hour was filled with an activity, keeping us busy until the very end. The kids had a great time and it helped us big folks stay awake (in the end Aidan missed the ball drop by about 15 min-he was out cold). I'm sure I have started something and will probably be expected to do the same next year:)
Game time, puzzle competition and singing karaoke was some of the fun that night. I actually over packed some of the bags and we barely had time to finish what was in them before the hour was up. Guess that was a good thing!Bryce making his bean noisemaker-gotta make lots of noise at midnight, right?Our first bag!
A serious game of chess. Garry likes playing against me because I don't know how to plan ahead (lol, it applies to all aspects of my life-the goodie bags were finished about 7pm-just in time!)