Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cows Moo Eight Times for Celebration

We love the Chick-a-Way cows. So it's no surprise that we spent another birthday with those famous poor spelling bovines. It was a surprise for Bryce though-we had his favorite friends waiting for him when we got there. Thank goodness Bryce is fairly oblivious; time after time another sibling would almost drop the news. This is the last time I will plan an event as a surprise!
PS to my friend...sorry I sent you to the wrong restaurant!!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Super Mario Brothers

Anyone who hangs out with Bryce any length of time is subjected to intense conversation about his favorite pastime...playing the Wii. Currently his favorite characters are the classics; Mario and Luigi. So when the subject came about what each wanted to dress up for the Halloween season, guess what Bryce wanted to be? Aidan of course, followed suit. I kinda figured Bryce would be Mario as he was the leader, but he chose Luigi - (Bryce was playing by rules, both he and Luigi are the taller of the two). So this afternoon in typical last minute fashion-in my defense the boys only informed me last night they wanted to be these characters, I headed to Goodwill to see if I could find some overalls. Happily I left with 2 pair in the right sizes and colors - Luigi overalls are dark blue; Mario's are a lighter blue. T-shirts were dug out of closet and hats were hastily made from old Christmas tree skirts and past costumes. A little face paint, and TADA...Mario and Luigi were standing before me!
Tonight was the fall festival at the park. We met up with cousin Spider-Man Sara, and some friends Batman and the Queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Thanks to Aunt Michelle and Mrs. Johanna, Shelby was able to dress up as a veterinarian.
We enjoyed all the fun a fall festival offers; games, bounce houses, and a costume contest. When Aidan and Bryce's age group rolled around, I sent the boys over to enter. Bryce came back before it started as he didn't want to participate. I pushed him back in to stand with his brother and cousin. There were about 45 kids in all. Each child was brought to the front in turn, most smiled-some twirled or waved and then headed back to their spot. Then came Bryce's turn. All of the sudden he comes to life and jumps to the front in what I'm guessing is a Super Luigi pose, closely resembling the infamous stayin' alive scene. From there he strikes a couple more poses-and Aidan jumps in beside him to mimic Bryce. They spend a few more seconds posing together and finish off their show back to back. It was as if they had practiced it! In the end the two of them won the funniest award together. If I had any idea Bryce would perform I would have had video on-at least Aunt Michelle got some decent shots. Thanks to all for hanging out with us!