Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bet ya thought we went home??!

Haha, fooled you! We are still hanging out at the hospital. Dr. came In a little while ago and although she is better, she wanted to monitor how the change of medicine will affect her. So, at this point, it might be Saturday before we go home. Still, she's keeping busy. Back to school backpacks were handed out along with some fun crafts. Now that she's allowed to wander the hall she spends most of the day in the playroom. Dog therapy came by amd she has had some wonderful friends drop in. If we could only sneak the dog in she might not go home:)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Peanut update-Monday (I think?!)

Here we sit. At least two of us. Hunny working, little boys visiting cousin, eldest jet setting with the grandparents. Needless to say, it is VERY quiet. As of today, Shelby is still unable to keep anything down. Until she can, the Dr is unwilling to let her go home. This morning she was sad, missing all (don't forget the dog!) So, this afternoon we discovered we could get and on the telly. So the afternoon was spent listening to The Secret Garden and crafting. Then about dinner time, there was a knock at the door and we were invited to a party in the floor lobby. Cookies (lots of 'em) games, coloring and some other kids to hang with. With wishes attached to a balloon, we finished out the fun watching the balloon rise out of sight. (if you look close, you can see balloon in 3rd pic). Shelby's wish? To see Jazz...our dog:)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Passing the time

Since we are just sitting around, Shelby and I actually finished something from my long line of wanna does. Check out Shelby's cherry fingers!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sorry for the delay-it was a long day yesterday and when all went home I curled up in bed and went right to sleep. I heard nothing for about 5 hrs; good thing Shelby didn't need me!

Yesterday at noon Shelby was scheduled for her tests. That meant by 4am she could no longer eat or drink. She's been on clear liquids since Wed so by yesterday morning it had really worn her down. In hopes of keeping the tears to a minimum I texted her friends and cousins requesting a pic to cheer her up. Thanks again to everyone who sent in pics-they trickled all morning, and really helped her spirit:)

Initial results are she has Ulcerative colitis. Thanks to sis-n-law Michelle for relieving our minds; we weren't sure how upset we should be-Google results can be frightening! The colon and large intestine can get irritated, thus the upset stomach and other issues. Knowing what is going on helps:)

Anyway, she was a much happier
camper in the afternoon. Visits from Jen, Logan, Rachel, Gma, Papa, Sara and Gage plus our boys (yes, all at one time-I should have taken pic-it was packed in her room!), and dinner was ordered, and although it's still hard for her to keep much down she didn't seem to care. Antibiotics have been started and at this point we are now waiting for biopsy and a few other test results to come back. From what I gathered, we will prob be here thru the weekend.
So, that's it for now-Garry went on to CO for the wknd with Gma and Papa and the little boys went home with Sara, so it will be a quiet wknd here. I did mention to Shelby maybe next time maybe we could just go to Disney World instead, and with a twinkle in her eye she responded that she would not get such great attention there:-)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update on Peanut-Thurs

It's us again. Dr. Cobian was partly right. She said Shelby would be having so much fun at the Disney Pavilion that she wouldn't want to come home. Yes, we are partying with Disney, but I'm pretty sure she would go home if possible:)
Not much has changed, ped Dr came in this morning and said most samples have come back and everything is negative (no infection or bacterial). The GI dr just came in and ordered an endoscopy and colonoscopy for tomorrow.
Shelby's hanging in there-a little hungry but we are plying her with popcicles. Brought the boys in today to hang out with her so betweem them and Timon (Lion King) bearing goodies and the outrageously large stuffed dog hunny's boss brought in (thank goodness Shelby has a spare bed!) she has plenty to keep occupied. Thanks to all who have sent a shout out-she really appreciates it! As Tigger would say...ta ta for now!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


A favorite book in our house is "Madeline". As the story goes, Madeline is the smallest of twelve girls in a French boarding school, overseen by Miss Clavel. In the middle of the night Miss Clavel wakes up, thinking something is not right with one of her girls. Sure enough, Madeline has to be rushed to the hospital for an appendicitis. When the other eleven visit her after the surgery, they are awed by the candy, dollhouse and other goodies she received. Back at the school that night Miss Clavel is woken again, this time by all the girls wailing they need to go to hospital too!
While no one in our house has an appendicitis, one of our little people is making an appearance in a hospital this week. And I'm sure that when the boys show up, there will be uproar! Visits from Grandma and Aunt Michelle bearing gifts, multiple phone calls and texts, and a special kid tv that Shelby has to share with no one has made this visit almost fun!
Poor kid has had tummy issues the last couple of weeks-and yesterday her Dr decided to send her in to run some tests and give her fluids since she has been unable to keep anything down.
So here we are; she sleeping and I waiting for breakfast to be served (hurry up hunny!). I'll be sure to keep you posted; if you get a chance she would love to hear from you. A special shout-out goes to the eldest sibling: Thanks, Garry for taking care of the home front while me and dad are away-we love you!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A visit to the splash pad...

and playground with our beautiful nieces. Unfortunately one of these 2 nieces does NOT like anyone other than mommy, daddy amd grandma. Guess I'm gonna have to be a better auntie and take her out more! The older of the two is a regular with our bunch. Hard to believe she will be off to VPK in 2 weeks-she didn't like me either but I wooed her with playdates:) Happy splashing!

POKI Slings

Hey all!
I have a new blog-I know, it's silly when I can barely keep up with this one! Check me out at:Portable-Kid. Don't worry, not stopping blogging here, just wanted to keep it somewhat seperate:)
Thanks for stopping by!