Thursday, August 8, 2013

Snippets from Summer

Reliving summer one picture at a time
Look, mom! I still fit!


Aidan skating the night away
Auntie Tody came for a visit (and brought many more)

Down on the boardwalk...

Visiting Clifford the Big Red Dog at the Science Center

Parks and slushies...could we be any more cliche?

Bass Pro Shop fun with friends

This one is for Aunt Tanny

Although VERY belated, your box of scraps was a huge hit. I think every girl in the neighborhood has made a craft or
two (or three or four) using items from the wonderful box of goodies. Thanks again!!

I can't believe I didn't post Chick-Fil-A day!

We went twice:)


We picket up a couple of calves along the way...

Hanging with the herd

Eat more Chikin!

Hanging with W-Ham-o at KSC

While we do have a life without robots (occasionally) today was not one of those days. We met WHamO over at KSC for a demo. So after Garry and fellow Bacon member finished the demo, we headed over to the Astronaut Hall of Fame for some fun!
Even though it looks like he's just hanging out, Garry's in charge of shooting frisbees. He's in heaven!

 Bacon bits!

Sitting at the official stations used at the Texas mission control

Bacon has given us many new friends. Bethany (a mentor and one of our passengers to Worlds in St Louis) works at KSC. To wile away the many hours to MO, Bethany told cool astronaut stories. The boys favorite story of course involved bodily functions.  So today she demonstrated the powder used to soak up urine. Bryce volunteered Shelby to be the guinea pig, but thankfully the liquid in one cup was immediately soaked up by the powder in the second cup and when Bethany dumped cup over Shelby's head, she didn't get wet!

Astronauts in training