Sunday, November 4, 2012

Visiting Jeremiah

When I received an email 4 weeks ago from Connie depicting Jeremiah's recent baby adventures, below the handsome chubby face was a little sentence that caught my eye: conference in South Carolina, looking for someone to watch Jeremiah, any takers? Sounded like fun; we have only seen Jeremiah a handful of times over the course of his young life. What better opportunity to (ruin) enjoy him as his parents would be gone all day? Well, in typical family style...there ended up 12 of us traveling north hang out with this little cutie.
What a fun weekend it was. Our rental house was in a campground, so we had plenty to keep entertained. With swimming (indoor), video games, putt putt golf, tootling around in golf carts and playgrounds, it was non stop fun for all. The only thing I didn't get to do was play a round of cards with the big folks; by nightfall we all crashed. And as for Jeremiah and his parents, I'm sure they will ask us to come again, that is if he needs a sitter when he's 15;)