Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunny Days

It was yet another beautiful sunny day and we took advantage of it with some friends at the beach. Our white, a/c only bodies got burnt, even with the reapplied sunblock. Still it was a great day; Aidan really enjoyed jumping in the waves. Of course, when one goes up, the shorts fall down....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oops...I missed my birthday post!

Happy birthday to me! Ok, so it was almost 3 weeks ago. However, judging by the amount of pictures still on my camera I have NOT yet blogged about, it has been a very busy couple of weeks! We got to spend the day at one on of my favorite places-Mickeyville! It was an pleasant, uneventful day. Getting there at 9am when the park opened (something we have never done before) we stayed almost to the very end (we opted to ride the monorail instead of watching fireworks) and as always, the little people had a great time.
Me and MonkeyHer first time on the Test Track
IBryce gave me this flower picked at the Epcot flower show. When I told him he shouldn't pick the flowers on display, he informed me that "you couldn't catch me in time!"

Wait, the weekend isn't over yet-it's baby boy's 1st birthday!

Sunday went much smoother. Thanks to Karen and Mike (Gage's other grandparents) his party was all decorated by the time we got into Palm Coast. Although I'm not sure how they got all the stuff home (Papa traded the 2 rental vehicles in for 1 after the party) it was a great afternoon and all had a great time. Baby boy, you are now ONE! We hope you enjoy many more road trips with the little people!
It's the birthday boy!
Mommy made the cake!Daddy's sharing (awe)Aidan decided Gage was not moving fast enough!Party's over and Uncle Jim found him party favor to take home!

Road trip!

When we saw that the Prairie Home Companion was coming to Atlanta, Sara and Mom and I were very excited. We have been listening to the show for over 25 years (I can't believe I can say that)and although we talked about flying up to Minnesota where he broadcasts from, it probably would have never happened. We are very sentimental toward the show; listening to Garrison Keillor's mid-western humor brings back many happy memories. The men sweetly agreed to go with us and tickets purchased, 11 of us were a go for a road trip (I only bought ten tickets- I didn't realize baby boy needed a ticket, so Aunt Connie and Uncle Kirk who lives in Atlanta agreed to baby-sit him while were at the show) and this is how it was supposed to go: (click to read)
See the nice outline (which, by the way, I left on the counter at home!)
The reality? Not quite per agenda. But if ya gotta road trip with people, these are the people to travel with!Yup, my hunny is in there too-only his blond hair made it into the shot. Total? 11 happy (mostly!) faces. (mom, papa, Sara, Kevin, baby boy, Me, hunny, Garry, Shelby, Bryce and Aidan).
Day one: The plan was to all go together in the big van. Mom calls me the morning of to ask if we can bring our own van up to Valdosta. Seems that the 12 passenger van holds just that, 12. No luggage, not much else. No problem, we load up our van and head that way. With the food, bedding and toys we had alot of stuff (not to mention Baby boy's birthday was Sun and I'm sure he might receive a toy or two). The rest of the gang drops off stuff in Palm Coast (for baby boy's 1st bday) and on to our way into Valdosta.We decided to rent a house there as the trip back south would not be so long and Al, Carol and their gang meet us in Valdosta and spent the night. Our rental home had 3 floors (way cool with 8 kids) and it was a sight to see all the bed rolls lined up across the floor at bedtime!
Day 2: It started well. We wanted to meet Connie and Kirk for a couple of hrs, have lunch and drop off baby boy before going to theater so planned to meet around 3 (show started at 5:45). About 30 miles from our destination, the van decides it no longer wants to keep going. Kevin found us a good spot in the middle of the median as we scrambled around for a solution. Every phone in use, we located a tow truck and taxis. One final call to Kenny (mom's wife-in-law's hubby) gave the big boys an idea on how to get the van running. Voila! It started moving again, we jumped in the van, and headed back down the least for a half a mile. Van kaput. Kevin pulled off again, the boys got out the tools, and repeated. It worked again and we headed back down the road. Not sure how long it would last, we decided to pull off at the nearest exit, re-call the taxi/tow truck, regroup and decide what to do. By this time it was after 4. Here we are, stranded at a Mc D's (it DID have a great covered picnic area and playground for our wait) spitting out ideas on what to do. Finally we decided that we had come this far, we were going to the show, we could figure out the rest later. We called Connie and asked her to meet us down at the theater. The second big decision was what to bring with us and what to leave in the van (they can't start on it til Monday and we will be back in Fla by then, so whatever is in there will have to stay until the van comes back, who knows when). Papa went with the van-we were to pick him up on the way when the taxi showed up; the taxi arrives and it is NOT big enough to hold us all (are you really surprised?!) so we left Mom and Bert behind and another taxi is called for them. Zipping downtown we arrive about 5pm. I did a quick change of some of the kids clothes as they were covered in stains, (sorry for the strip show, Atlantians); located Connie and Kirk in the very busy downtown traffic, dropped off Baby boy, Papa pulls up in one taxi, Mom and Bert pull up in another, and we make it to our seats with time to spare as music starts to play! WooHoo!
If you think it ended there, haha!! After the show, Connie and Kirk reappeared with Baby boy in tow, Kirk took the boys off to the airport to find a car where they went to EVERY car rental place to locate a van and a car (with Memorial day coming up no rental company wanted their vehicles to go out of state)before locating one at the last available stand; Connie joined us girls as all the food was left in the big van-sure it will smell lovely by Monday-had a great meal at the Broadway Diner on Peachtree street (including ice cream compliments of the owner's wife for the kids), the taxi driver bringing us a bag we didn't even realize we left behind (containing all the cables for the phones/and the GPS) and of course, for the grand finale, stopping at a Wal-mart at 12:30 am somewhere between Atlanta and Valdosta for clothing and a quick bath in the sink when Aidan threw up all over himself.
Still, I would do it all over again if we had to. And I think most all that took that ride would agree. Everything and everyone was gracious; and we laughed almost the entire time in spite of it all.
Road trip, anybody???
Rental home in Valdostathe gang
Even Scarlett and Rhett were there to welcome us to our home
in Valdosta (Scarlett was rather snooty though)
Who can sit after Aidan's been around?
Favorite cousins!Boys and their computer timeBaby boy and Auntie Katie's peanut butter cookie

Yeah for Mickey D's (waiting)!
Waiting again!Still waiting (are you spotting the trend?)We made it!Bryce was not happy that we woke him up when the show was over!Sorry for the dark picture, couldn't find the camera (in Sara's diaper bag) and my phone camera didn't like the evening sun

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The day isn't over yet:)

Mom's day wasn't finished yet....Garry took me to Cold Stone Creamery for an after dinner treat! Thanks, Son:)oh yeah...we brought the rest of the bunch too!

Mother's day-Shelby singing

Happy Mommies Day!

Happy mom's day to all those moms. We've had a beautiful day so far, and I am so thankful for all my little people and all the chaos that comes with it:) Here's some of my little chicks and their goodies (technically Aidan wanted to give his flowers to dad) they gave to me! Shelby sang with her group (GAK -God's Anointed Children) at church. I had to laugh, she was so excited about being on stage, she forgot most of the time what the words were:) It's hard to see her, but she is about the 5/6th kid in from the left. Video above.

This is what my hunny was up to on Mother's Day
(just kidding-he shared one glass with me!)