Sunday, October 19, 2008

Enjoying the cool

Ok, I know. In any other part of the country, 79 wouldn't be considered cool. But, being that we are in central FL, it's great! I have had the a/c shut off for the past couple of days, and the back door is always open. Really, I'm not for the cold. However, I do love this weather, and look forward to at least a couple of days of using the fireplace (don't laugh, we turn down the air to use it some years)!
The kids have been taking great advantage of the great outdoors, playing (and digging) in the dirt. On the down side, it does require several baths per kid per day-and my floors do stay on the sandier side (yuck), but they do enjoy it and one day I'll have clean floors and no laughter, hugs or small voices saying "I love you". Extra floor mopping and triple baths are ok in my book.

My hunny and I went to Daytona yesterday for Biketoberfest. I must admit, riding on a bike is just not near as fun as it used to be. My thighs hurt today (maybe a sign that I need to exercise more!), and more and more people are idiots on the road, both car and motocycle drivers. While I'm happy my other half has his dream toy, I do pray daily that he gets tired of it and maybe buys a they make one that holds six??! We were able to have dinner with my sis and her husband, and that was worth the very NOT fun trip over. Mmm, how long can this faze of his life last?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time flies:)

I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog. I am in front of the computer every day, but it seems really difficult to actually put something into words. It's just easier reading about someone elses life:) We have had a very busy month, still what excuse is that?!?
For starters, the week before we left to go to our family reunion: TS Fay came to town and blew enough rain our way to make our roof leak (new roof needed). Microwave died.
Went on our trip, on the way home our car transmission died (replaced it just 2 yrs ago), got home, sink disposal died, son got 3 stitches (of course, the same son who always makes trips to er!), and a/c died (thanks, Uncle Steve for fixing it!).
It's all good though-- God worked it out; insurance paid for the roof, Aamco cut our bill in half and replaced the transmission, and B-boy's stitches were out in a week. My in-laws were gracious enough to replace our microwave, and my now handy-dandy hubby replaced the disposal. Back on track again!