Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I really don't like the whole process of the fall pumpkin carving. I have no recollection of doing it as a kid, so I don't have any pleasant memories associated with them. So to me, cleaning out the pumpkin is tedious, slimy work. However, Shelby has been asking me to purchase one for days. I might have slid thru the season without one, but lucky for her we needed a vegetable to cut open for science. Two birds, one stone, right? Science and fun (at least for Shelby and Bryce, Garry and Aidan chose not to help)! I even gave them the little sawblade and let them do it all by theirselves. Only one Bandaid was used in the project...
Ps...it's a cat!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our little Cubbie!

The littlest little boy is officially an Awana Cubbie. He was so excited to be with the big kids this year...yeah Aidan! Sorry to the teacher who has 9 little boys between the ages of 4-7. He is one brave soul:)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Can you hear the theme music?

Nor too shabby for a last minute costume decision for a costume party:) Indy, watch out for those snakes!!

From the mouth of Aidan.....

Mom! I need a hairbrella so my spiky hair don't melt!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Last but not least, happy 7th birthday Bryce!

Until this year, being the last birthday of the year has distressed Bryce. He has always been careful to explain to Aidan that although his birthday comes after Aidan's he is STILL older. This year has come with the understanding that the months are not as important of the year. So this year he has enjoyed celebrating each birthday before his and happily counting down to his own...the last in-house party of the year:)
Most of the posts about my "monkey" has been about his very boyness (do girls really strip all their clothes and hang from the fence just cause they can??); but along with that quirky smile comes a very sweet spirit. He is very sensitive to the feelings of those around him, especially children younger than him. If there is a baby/toddler around you can be sure that he is there, making them laugh; keeping them occupied with his antics. When he was 5 we took them to see "Meet the Robinsons" at the theater. I'll never forget looking over to see him crying and when I asked him what was wrong he whispered "he misses her very much" (the old man in the movie is reminiscing over his beloved wife that passed away). I said all this to get to this: because of his birthday I let all sleep in until they rolled out of bed. Bryce was up first. I fixed him cereal and gave him a little present to start the day. No sooner had he had opened it, then Shelby walked in with a sad look on her face. When I asked her what was wrong she said she missed watching Bryce open his present. Bryce, not wanting to see his sis upset (this, of course does not apply 24/7!) says quickly " Shelby! I'm will wrap it back up and we can open it together!" to which they did -thank goodness for moments like these to remind me that he's not trouble all the time!!!! Happy 7th birthday Monkey, we love you:)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Teenage mutant ninja turtles!

Meet our turtles! Fun at a friends birthday celebration...Aidan wore his "costume" all day; even in the pool:)