Friday, July 11, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Don't let Aidan near the Casino

Today was a quiet day. Besides Bert working late, it rained most of the day so we just hung around the house and played. And since we were inside all day, the kids daily video game time went by quickly. So by late afternoon, after reading and playing shopping with Shelby, Aidan was ready for something new. Now, Aidan loves games. Usually, though, he prefers to play by himself as he always wins! Tonight, however, perusing thru the special games (Garry's) he decided we (myself, Shelby, Bryce and himself) needed to play Risk. So after dinner, we cleared the table and brought out the game.

After all armies were sorted and placed on the board, we were ready for play. Since it was Aidan's idea, I let him go first. This is the first time he has played, but he's seen the game played before, so he had a good idea of what was going on. And he played with a vengeance. You could see it in his eyes, he was high on winning. He "battled" everyone he could, and since Bryce's armies were the closest to him, that's who he went after first. Bryce found it great fun, and the first go were noisy with giggles. Aidan played until he had no more possible plays. Successfully he had removed many of our armies. Happy with his wins, the dice were passed to Bryce.
Then it happened. Bryce's turn. The tables were now turned. Bryce, excited to be the attacker, turned to the closest opponent, which of course happened to be Aidan. However, being the defender wasn't nearly as much fun. You could see tears forming in Aidan's eyes, and he buried his head in his arms and didn't want to play anymore. Being the fun mommy I am, I made him continue playing. Still sniffling, he continued playing much more solemnly. Plays continued. Bryce finished, and the turn passed to me, then Shelby. Finally it was Aidan's turn again. I informed him that he could add more armies to the board. The eyes started sparkling again, and those dice didn't stop rolling until he had played all he could again. But when it was Bryce's turn, again came the tears and the dramatic toss of the head. Finally he asked to stop playing. I asked him to finish the current round and then we would discuss. The light went on and he realized the faster he lost, the faster his turn was over. And the sparkle came back and he played until the very end. I'm pretty sure, based on how he played, that if he ever went to Vegas, it would be a Clark Grizwald moment; he would play until his bank account was empty.😛

It's all fun and games when one is winning!

Agony of defeat

       Do I gotta play anymore?

It's all good again!